you are about to be rewarded for your curiosity.

not many people are curious enough to find this page.

you are one of the curious ones. thank you for your presence.

i am matek. i live in porto and make music and art. i’ve just released a new album, called the jazz tape.

this collection of lovingly crafted beats stems from a decades-long obsession with jazzy progressions, instrumental hip hop, and 90s trip hop. these jams are simultaneously a tribute to and a subversion of those genres.

it’s availabe on youtube, bandcamp, spotify, and all the usual places. as a reward for finding this page, you get to download it for free!

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i put a lot of love into these mixes. hope you enjoy the vibe!

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as an extra bonus, i also made a superfresh playlist.
the jazz mix includes 40 carefully curated tracks and clocks in at just under two hours. you won’t find the usual classics or standards here, this is a compilation of left field jazz-influenced tracks interspersed with my own productions.

this mix is a companion piece to the jazz tape, and expands on the album by highlighting some of its influences.

i have aimed for something that honours the anarchic spirit of the original jazz pioneers, presented in a contemporary context.

give it a spin, you might discover some music you didn’t know you needed in your life.

let's collaborate.

maybe we can make music together. or i can perform at your event. or both.

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enjoy the vibe!

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