future noir [neon sun mix]


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10 track remix album


  1. kaboom [neon sun mix]
  2. hidden keys [sun dancer mix] ft. farrah theresa
  3. magick [cosmic mystic mix]
  4. minutiae [time crystal mix]
  5. gnosis [future frequencies mix] ft. seemore hindsight
  6. sky to sea [destination unknown mix]
  7. innervision [elysian fields mix]
  8. sirius [dog star mix]
  9. dance with me [lucid dream mix]
  10. alpha centauri [triple star mix]

all tracks written, produced, remixed by matek.
hidden keys written by matek + farrah theresa.
gnosis written by matek + seemore hindsight.

includes MP3 or WAV download.

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