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  • future noir [neon sun mix]


    10 track remix album TRACKLIST kaboom [neon sun mix] hidden keys [sun dancer mix] ft. farrah theresa magick [cosmic mystic mix] minutiae [time crystal mix] gnosis [future frequencies mix] ft. seemore hindsight sky to sea [destination unknown mix] innervision [elysian fields mix] sirius [dog star mix] dance with me [lucid dream mix] alpha centauri [triple…

  • the jazz tape [digital download]


    the jazz tape by matek

    a selection of laid back glitched up jazz beats for your aural stimulation.

    this collection stems from a decades-long obsession with jazzy progressions, instrumental hip hop, and 90s trip hop. these jams are simultaneously a tribute to and a subversion of those genres.

    i put a lot of love into these mixes. hope you enjoy the vibe!

  • the travel tape [digital download]


    the travel tape by matek

    a breezy collection of lofi beats, catchy melodies, dubbed out rhythms, and dreamy vibes. produced on the move, while exploring the streets of paris, nice, berlin, lisbon, and porto.

    be sure to give this a spin when you jump on a train or embark on your next road trip.