it’s the freedom that we all need…

dance with me [acoustic mix]

so far this has been a year of major collaborations.

i have mostly been working on material for simulacra, which is my new live trip-hop project with lentegeur. he is one of my favourite producers right now and i’m grateful to be working with him. i am also remixing a couple of tracks from his angelic nature EP. you can download or stream his EP here.

i have recorded some music with wild sage. she is a super talented singer and songwriter, and i am producing a collection of her songs that will be released soon.

i’ve written a couple of new stories for my paracosmos project. check out the first chapter if you haven’t read it yet. it starts out as an illustrated autobiographical blog, but this is only the beginning of something bigger. i have exciting developments planned for this platform and am in the process of putting all the pieces into place.

in the midst of this creative explosion, i have somehow found the time to start working on my next EP. i have recorded 2 songs for it so far.

here is one of them:

this is the first time that i have recorded and shared one of my acoustic songs. i’m also working on an electronic mix, but there is something i like about the stripped-down raw essence of this version. just me and my guitar, singing from my heart. dance with me is different to anything i have released before and i wanted to share it with you all.

i’m off to canada again tomorrow for another adventure. the studio sessions will continue when i get back to the mother city, and i will post more new music soon.

keep on dancing.