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i recently returned from the future.

it was a crazy experience. i’ll tell you more about it soon.

i realized a couple of things. about myself, about life, about my mission on earth. and beyond.

i also realized a bunch of things about what lies ahead for us inhabitants of planet earth. some of these things i already suspected, and my suspicions were confirmed. other insights were new revelations.

i’ll be releasing these insights as transmissions, in bite sized chunks.

these insights are pieces to a bigger puzzle.

my new album is part of this puzzle.

the album is called future noir.

future noir is a manifesto and also an intentional piece of art.

interacting with it can change the world for the better.

but i digress.

this is me checking in. letting you know i’m still around.

i have received a new title. or role, if you will.

i will be presenting these transmissions as the cosmic mystic.

this is related to what happened to me in the future.

it will make sense as it unfolds.

one song at a time.