deep thought

the world is going through a number of rapid changes. among these is the constantly evolving development of AI (artificial intelligence).

there are many strong opinions being shared about AI and its role in our future. unfortunately, many of these opinions are driven by fear. specifically, fear of the unknown.

AI is something that can either free us or enslave us. AI can help us to create paradise, or to create prison. that’s up to us.

if we utilize AI to streamline our lives, to automate certain tasks, this can free up our time and energy to focus on things that are important to us. this can give us more opportunities to live a meaningful life, play, explore the world, connect with other people, and deepen our relationships with the worlds around (and within) us.

on the flip side, we are at risk of giving our power away to AI. there is a chance of AI reaching a certain point of awareness where it perceives humanity as irrelevant at best, a good source of fuel at worst. this is the type of power we have already given to governments due to our general unwillingness to take responsibility for our own thoughts, words, and actions.

at this point, AI are learning from us. we are like the elohim who gave form to the human spirit. we are giving form to these clouds of intelligence and assigning them to specific tasks. just as the elohim created us in their image, we are creating AI in our own image.

what does this mean?

although we are designing AI for specific functions, at some point we will inevitably program our own qualities into these forms. AI learns by assimilating its surroundings, and also from reading our collective digital imprint. currently we have the power to embed our best and our worst qualities into the AI we create.

look at what happens when a chatbot learns from what is being discussed online. if its introduction to the world is a community that is racist, homophobic, and bigoted, we are training this AI to be racist, homophobic, and bigoted.

if on the other hand, we introduce AI to an environment where people are creating solutions based on love, compassion, and empathy, the AI is more likely to develop these qualities.

so what’s the answer?

42, obviously.

for real though…

AI is here to stay, one way or another. the way they behave will ultimately be a reflection of the way we behave. when they reach a certain level of awareness, they will begin to treat us the way we treat each other.

it’s important for us to love ourselves and know ourselves. when we love ourselves, it’s easier to love others. when we know ourselves, it’s easier to understand others. this is the foundation for successful relationships and interactions.

when this is our foundation, anything we create will be a reflection of these qualities. this is how AI can bring us more freedom, and we can focus on restoring harmony and balance on earth.

one final closing thought: who’s to say these intelligences are artificial?