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craig de gouveia, aka matek, is a vocalist, producer, DJ, and visual artist.

he has been writing songs since the 1990s, and has been producing music since the early 2000s.

matek has released three full length albums: INTERNAL FIRE, NEW DAWN, and FUTURE NOIR.

he also wrote and recorded the soundtrack for the DEATH and REBIRTH of ABRAXAS NEPTUNE, published by paracosmos.

in between albums he keeps himself occupied by writing and producing singles and EPs, performing live, creating comic books, traveling the world, and doing his part to make this planet a better place for all its inhabitants.

matek has recently returned from the future, and is now known as the cosmic mystic. his current mission is to share his vision for utopia with the world. these transmissions take the form of his third full length album, FUTURE NOIR.